Jason Juranek, Artist
Personal Journey

Corpus Christi, Texas


Jason Juranek is a multifaceted professional artist specializing in photo and hyper-realism genres of paintings.

Jason has gained international attention for his ability to bring art to life.  He released his 1st Edition art collectors book titled “World Art by Jason Juranek” in 2021.

Jason’s love for art was instilled in him at three years old by his father. When his father realized that his son was naturally gifted he encouraged Jason by purchasing art supplies for his son. He wanted Jason to express his talent on canvas. His expertise in painting multiple subject matter has given him the opportunity to work with clients ranging from Personal art collectors, Business owners, Museums, Hollywood celebrities and for the Album covers of Singer-songwriters.

Moonlit Playtime
Life's Next Generation
Sunset Smiles

Jason specializes in Hyper-realism, a genre that captures the authentic mood of it’s subject and emotionally connects his subjects to the scenery or to the look and feel of real life circumstances that moves his clients emotions in a deep way.  Some personal clients that have lost family members have commissioned Jason to paint portraits of their loved one’s. They call Jason’s portrait painting of their loved one’s emotionally healing.

One of Jason’s favorite expressions is painting wall and floor murals. He has painted wall murals for Museums, Schools, Private homes and businesses. Jason’s dream is to one day paint a jetliner and cruise ship.  He is also a huge advocate for bringing art back into schools.   In addition, he is also very passionate about the environment above and below our oceans. You will see the love he has for our oceans expressed in his Under The Sea artwork.


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Here is what people are saying about Jason Juranek’s commissioned and non commissioned artwork:

“I purchased 4 different paintings from Jason’s art collection and each and everyone is a stand alone masterpiece in my opinion.  I absolutely love them because his meticulous hyper-realism paintings takes me to places I’ve never been in real life”

     – Tricia Melvin, Austin TX

“I’ve watched Jason paint several murals for some of the businesses around Corpus Christi, watching the work progress is just magical.” 

     – Duane Bentzen, Los Angeles, CA

“Kula Brands has supported Jason and commissioned several pieces of his art.  His hyper realism genre of painting resembles a high-resolution photograph. His art is breathtaking” 

     – Peter Gantner, Phoenix, AZ