Jason Juranek Jason Juranek
Corpus Christi, Texas

Jason Juranek has been a multifaceted professional fine artist specializing in photo and hyper-realism genres of painting since 2012.

Photo-realism is a style of art where the artist attempts to reproduce a photograph as realistically as possible into a painting. Hyper-realism goes deeper and captures the authentic mood making the hyper-realistic painted subject appear more emotionally real.

Jason has gained international attention for his ability to bring art to life.
His expertise in painting multiple subject matter have opened the opportunity for him to work with the larger arena of clients ranging from personal art collectors, business owners, museums, to singer-songwriters.

Jason is set to release his 1st edition art collectors book titled World Art by Jason Juranek in early to mid 2020.

As luck would have it during a local trade show in October of 2019, World Art by Jason Juranek and Phoenix Fractals were placed side-by-side.  Both tables were selling well but each saw the potential in the other. Less than a week later a successful partnership was formed between the Phoenix Fractals and World Art by Jason Juranek.

Phoenix Fractals is owned and operated out of Corpus Christi, Texas by husband and wife team Darren and Candy Starkebaum.

Fractal wood burning is a process of applying an electrically conductive solution on wood and then applying high voltage electricity through a transformer using two probes. When this electricity is applied, it burns in the wood from one probe to the other. The figures that are created are commonly called Lichtenberg figures or fractal burns. These burns create a lightning like image that is burnt into the wood.

All fractal work is completed by Darren and Candy Starkebaum and select pieces are available for purchase